World Nomads travel insurance

If you're planning an adventure then World Nomads travel insurance is the perfect companion to keep you travelling safely. World Nomads travel insurance covers a range of adventure activities such as skiing, white water rafting and scuba diving. World Nomads also provides members with a free travel journal and SMS security alerts to make sure you well informed on the road and keep travelling safely.

It's Simple & Flexible

You simply buy one travel insurance policy and it doesn't matter where in the World you travel - you're covered! You can buy, extend and claim online from anywhere in the world, 24/7, even if you've already left home!

Prices and Benefits

Here are some of our prices for residents of these countries. We also offer insurance for residents of many other countries.

Low cost cover

2 weeks 3 months 12 months
USA USD $54 USD $158  
United Kingdom GBP £31 GBP £92 GBP £232
Australia AUD $79 AUD $203 AUD $490
New Zealand NZD $94 NZD $246 NZD $599
South Africa USD $28 USD $171 USD $684

Why get a World Nomads travel journal?

  • It's free to use
  • Write travel tales and tag your content.
  • Unlimited photo galleries.
  • Quick and easy image uploading.
  • Allow guests to comment on your posts.
  • RSS News aggregator feeds.
  • No banner or text advertising.

Create your journal

Beware Hanoi roads at dusk

I was crossing the road (on a pedestrian crossing) in Hanoi at dusk. I was hit by a motorcyle driver who did not have his lights on and did not see me. I fell backwards onto my elbow and shoulder and then hit my head on the ground. I took a taxi to the ... Read more >

Unrest in Karachi

On 14 May 2007, a general strike closed banks, shops, markets and schools throughout Karachi, paralysing the Pakistani port city. Similar scenes could be witnessed in towns and cities throughout southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital, ... Read more >

Only the best

World Nomads partners with some of the best insurers in the world. They include Allianz Australia, Allianz New Zealand, BCS Insurance Company (USA), Arch Capital Group (UK) and International Health Insurance (part of the BUPA group). Each insurer has been carefully selected by World Nomads to provide the best possible cover and emergency assistance to our international travelers. Read more >>