Yeah, well, we tried the old forums but it didn't work out, basically I don't have the time or technical nouse to keep all the spammers at bay. When I'm more organized I might give it another crack. I am however a moderator on Asia Dana's website.

Otherwise you could check out some of these forums. Lonely Planet Thorntree is probably the most popular though it has gone downhill a bit under new management. A few of the naughty boys and bad girls who used to terrorise the old "Talk Politics" branch can now be found on Political Stew. Fodors has a very useful site and their forum is probably the easiest to navigate. Virtual Tourist has an active forum and a section for members to build their own galleries and travelogues with virtually limitless storage.

If you are off to visit the forums don't forget to bookmark Travels in Asia and drop back some time. Happy trails.