Phonsavan - Vietnamese Propaganda

Right: North Vietnamese propaganda

In the M.A.G. office in Phonsavan among other displays is this piece of Vietnamese propaganda encouraging G.I.s to defect. The full text is reproduced below:

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- American soldiers or officers who surrender in combat and let themselves be captured by the Liberation Armed Forces will have their lives insured an be quickly led to a safe area.
- During their captivity they will receive a humane treament. They will not be beaten or humiliated. They will receive enough food and medical treatment if they are sick or wounded.
- They will not be deprived of their personal possessions.
- They will be allowed to correspond with their families and friends.
- Soldiers or officers who are tired of the war and crossover to the side of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation will be welcome and will receive favoured treatment.


- Gun on the ground or slung across the back.
- Hands up above the head.
- If still at some distance from the liberation troops tie a white cloth to the tip of your gun.


If you have seen the truth and are sincerely tired of this dirty and criminal war of agression seek a way in combat to cross over to the side of the Vietnamese Liberation troops or let yourself be captured by them. Your lives will be insured and you wil be given humane treatment. This is how you will remain live and return to your families!

"They treat us really well. That's the main thing. No rough stuff at all"

Sp/5 CLAUDE D. MC CLURE-RA 14703075
5th group of the US Army Special Forces
Captured on Nov 24th 1963
Released onDecember 1965 by the South Vietnam NFL

"As the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation maintains a lenient policy towards all prisoners of war, prisoners are not maltreated, humiliated or tortured. This policy embodies the highest ideals of mankind and is certainly a very humane policy."

Capt. FLOYD J. THOMPSON-05304076
7th group of the US Army Special Forces
Captured on March 26th 1965

"I was captured almost immediately after I was wounded. The liberation troops came to where I lay, picked me up and carried me ... their corpsman who bandaged my arms as best he could... In the days to follow, I was given very good care, and was never without enough to eat. I am very thankful to the doctor and staff for saving my arm."

Lance Corporal RICHARD G BURGESS 2094229
L Co, 3rd Bn, 4th Mar
Captured on Sept. 25th 1966.


Left: Bomb Casing, Phonsavan

Various hotels and restaurants in town display bomb casings and in someplaces they are used as fence posts. Some however try to dismantle the bombs to sell for scrap, an activity which often has tragic consequences.

A British company called M.A.G. is involved in clearing up remaining uxo (unexploded ordinance) and have a small office in town with informative displays. They also show a couple of documentaries in the evenings and for a minimum $10 donation you get a t-shirt.